Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to complete an offer

Don't know how to get started? Dont worry, this step-by-step guide will surely help you out.

Click on the Complete Offers button.
Choose what type of offers you want. In this case, let say you choose 100% Free. Press Go!
Read the description first and then click on the name.

You should go to a page like this. Enter your email and press Continue.

Enter your personal information truthfully. Press Continue.
Press No.
If you see a page like this, you have to click at least one "YES". (You can click "No" or "Skip" on the next page) Then hit submit.
*tips: press the tab key and then the right arrow key continously, click one "YES" after you reach the bottom and hit sumbit
If you don't, you will see an error message like this.
Keep pressing "No" and "Skip". Until you reach the "Last Step"/"Final Offers" page.

After Silver Offers, there are Gold Offers and sometimes Platinum Offers.
(You don't have to sign up for these offers)
Click 2 Silver Offers, go to the bottom on the page and hit "Go To Gold Offers"
Click 2 Gold Offers, go to the bottom of the page and hit "Go To Platinum Offers"
Click 2 Platimum Offers, then close the window.
*Personally, I click 4 offers on each page.
Go back to the Complete Offers page.
Now, you click submit.
Close up the windows.
And you are done! You should see your pending earnings just increased. It will transfer to your monthly earnings really soon. Sometimes, offers need a few days to get credited.
It's really simple but it takes a lot of patience.
Good luck cashcrating! :)

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